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Thursday, September 30

Michael Moore's next target: U.S. health care. The working title is Sicko. (Reg. req'd)

The Washington Post watches and recaps the Dr. Phil/President Bush interview so you don't have to. Judging from the recap, it was pretty bad. (Reg. req'd)

Why computers crash. I read a little, then I glazed over. I liked the screenshots of the different crash screens, though.

Toothbrushes are dangerous, scary instruments of horror.

Now that you've watched the debate, read about the orchestration it took to get there. (Reg. req'd)

Wednesday, September 29

The Official 2004 Presidential Debate Drinking Game
Thanks, Canada!
(Reg. req'd)

In other "political" news, Dr. Phil interviews both George and Laura, and John and Teresa. Separately, of course. Can you imagine what other countries are saying about us? Can you imagine if the crazy guy from Sabado Gigante did this? (Reg. req'd)

Surprisingly, Wife Swap got good reviews. (Reg. req'd)

Kinda like the proposal requests recorded by 'celebrities', this service promises letters from God. (Reg. req'd)

A teacher gives a bunch third, fourth, and fifth graders tequila. At a private school. "Bill Paxson, a former U.S. congressman who has two children at the school, said yesterday that his third-grader was 'very excited about it.' "Her words were, "Something really fun and illegal happened today at school." Then she proceeded to say what happened. She said it was gross and disgusting stuff ... She said she tasted it and it was so disgusting she couldn't drink it.'" (Reg. req'd)

This poor, poor flamingo thinks a rock is an egg, and is trying to hatch it. That is so sad.

This catalog fabs it up. "[G]ifts in the book include a $10 million zeppelin, a $1.7 million winged submarine, and jeweled Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head figurines at $8,000 apiece...There's also a his-and-hers gift: a four-lane bowling alley for $1.45 million, including large-screen plasma TVs, personalized shirts and bowling lessons from a pro."

I figure someone has to drink sake (just not me): Apparently warm sake is no longer hip. Now, to be hip, it must be chilled to 56 degrees. So, go -- chill!

Tuesday, September 28

It's official -- a Starbucks medium coffee will go from $1.68 to $1.79.

This is ridiculous -- some 4-year-old girl is selling her scribbles as "art," and has amassed $40,000 from sales. "She sometimes works on one piece for days at a time. When she decides she is finished, she gives her paintings titles like 'Dinosaur,' or something reminiscent of a bedtime monster. Then she leaves the grown-ups to see images and meaning."
Do not underestimate her parents, because they are marketing geniuses. And I'm going to try to sell my cat's poop as a facial mask, and see if that takes off. Someone will buy it. (Reg. req'd)

"Immaculate lactation." Got your attention? (Reg. req'd)

Geek style is an oxymoron.

"I couldn't find a dentist -- so I reached for the pliers." The picture made this story for me.

Sunday, September 26

True story: Brian and I went apple picking with my mother today. He saw a young blond girl walk by with a pink bandana tied around her head, so he asks me if she was a Crip.

Story on comments on a webboard devoted to Starbucks. Brian should post about the time he went to a Dunkin Donuts in a truck stop, and very nearly asked for a "grande," then sighed, "What do you call them here again?"
(I thought the board itself would be more interesting.) (Reg. req'd for the story)

Saturday, September 25

Some jackass legally changed his name to "They."

Some take those little USB hard drives, and make them into a nerdalicious fashion statement. (Reg. req'd)

In direct contrast to Grand Theft Auto, Microsoft releases a video game with morals. "Righteous adventurers will see themselves portrayed as classic fair-haired warriors with strong features. Those who indulge their dark sides will witness grim transformations -- sunken eyes, ominous tattoos and even horns. Admittedly, evil characters just look cooler than goody-two-shoes." Ummmm ... perhaps the reviewer missed the point of the game. (Reg. req'd)

HA!!! -- DEAR DR. BROTHERS: This is the first time I have stated this "out loud," but I am afraid that I not only favor one of my children over the other, I actually love one of them more." (Second item)

You know that pop song from this summer, where that guy is singing in an ear-bleeding high-pitched falsetto, and there's a Jamaican beat to it, and the chorus consists in part of "Uuum yeah yeah, Uuum yeah yeah ... Turn me on, turn me onnnnn!" Then he mumbles the rest of the song? (If you don't know by this point, then forget it.) Anyway, we have this guy to thank for it. Yeah, thanks. (Reg. req'd)

Apparently, the Yankee-hater paraphernalia is the mildest of the anti-Yankee fashions. "For many dismayed parents, the shirts deliver an R-rated ending to what they envisioned as a G-rated day at the ballpark." Whine whine whine. (Also, more on the three-game series, this time on the extraordinary cost of ticket prices.)

Maverick Irish pop star Sinead O'Connor asked the media to leave her alone on Friday -- by taking out a full-page advert in a national newspaper. The singer, who said last year she was retiring from the music business, was responding to an article written earlier this week about her "latest wacky" campaign to rid the country of head lice.

I had to laugh at this picture of a dog named Precious in a raincoat/rain bonnet. Related story can be found here. (Reg. req'd)

Wednesday, September 22

I think this is excellent, if somewhat harshly delivered, advice on life, which is why I’ve posted it.

So I can't really criticize, because I can't cook, but apparently those who can cook are so lazy that they have to go to this place