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Friday, December 31

While watching a fight on Jerry Springer, Brian commentaried (™Jen), "The ladies are like cats! They're so fast!" Please note the irony of calling them ladies.

A big credit and shout-out (WHOOOOO!) to Dangling Pointer for this one, as this guy's website had me laughing my ass off: He taste-tested various all-natural products. (My fav was the all-natural toiletries.) And this is for Ryan. And this is for us all. (I highly recommend reading everything on this site. It is so funny.)

Dunkin Donut plans to launch new food offerings: "[The] sandwich, slated to hit stores for the first time in January, has ''the perfect amount of roast flavor in the steak,' he said. 'It's not too much of a pot-roasty note.'" Eh.

A recap of Johnny's wedding. Heh -- he's gazing lovingly at her, and she's gazing lovingly at the bling.

The Yankees got Randy Johnson. Great. (Reg. req'd)

Wednesday, December 29

Amused by (Really amused by this cat. This one is for all the cat owners out there.) Wonder if there's an

ARRRRRUGHHHH -- Brian just said, after reading yesterday's entry, "You know what would be yummy? Some Crunch 'n Munch." Then he stalked off, cackling at his cleverness.

Heh -- introducing the "sarcasm point" (via bookslut):
See, there are people who are relentlessly sincere. So, what are they supposed to do when they're trying to sound a bit bitter? Suppose you're IM'ing that oft-earnest friend you have, and he writes:
"I need to go to church tomorrow and confess the jealousy in my heart."
You forget -- have you ever heard him say nice things about God or do the opposite?
"Wait … do you really?"
"Sorry. I mean, I need to go to church tomorrow¡ To confess my jealousy¡ And the fact that I just renewed my subscription to Maxim¡"

Tuesday, December 28

What a good question: "I go out with wet hair. Does this raise the risk of getting a cold?"

So this reporter (the guy who writes "Go!" -- he's funny) decided to get a $5.75 haircut from a beauty school in Boston. Brian, did you read this? -- FIVE DOLLARS and seventy-five CENTS.

A review of Zaftig's, one of the restaurants we like in Coolidge Corner.

So bored today, was looking online for the Amy Poehler sketch where she's a little kid and is all, "Rick? Rick!! Rick!!!!!" and maniacally runs around in circles. Couldn't find it, but found the script for one of my all-time favorite SNL commercials. (Never mind -- Here's the favorite commercial video!)

Words I hate: "yummy" and "munch." Had to let it out.

Monday, December 27

A love-essay to books: "Feeling especially contrite after a flagrant book-buying spree, I told [my mother] over the phone how much I had spent, and waited for the shoe to drop. Here's what she said, and I quote verbatim: 'Well, there are worse vices to have.'" (Reg. req'd)

A bookish day today -- A story on literary journals. (Reg. req'd)

Thursday, December 24

For some warm, fuzzy Christmas cheer: The Night Before Fenway.

More rapid than eagles, Terry's team had game,

And he whistled and shouted, and called them by name.

Now Cowboy, now Schilling, now Manny and Trot,

On Papi, on Mueller, on Damon, you're hot.

To the top of the bleachers, to the top of the Wall,

Now hit away, hit away, hit away all.

Monday, December 20

Woman claims Gigli blinded her.

Awww man -- Johnny's getting married New Year's Eve.

A final Apprentice 101 -- Who did what good and bad.

Wednesday, December 15

For your next Debbie-Downer opportunity: Man bleeds to death after wisdom tooth extraction.

This guy's neighbors hate him -- "After having festooned his house with 17,000 Christmas lights, Alek Komarnitsky wanted more than just drive-by gawkers to be able to enjoy the spectacle. He got his holiday wish, and then some -- his interactive website allowing Internet users to turn the lights on and off with the click of a mouse is attracting thousands of hits." (click here for story) (Yeah, I did this at 11:40 p.m.)

This humorous recipe for Christmas cookies was posted in my floor's kitchen at work. Somehow, it was funnier at work.

"Adoption-rights advocates expressed outrage Tuesday at a reality television show set to air next month on Fox in which a young adopted woman tries to identify her biological father from a group of eight men -- seven of whom are impostors trying to convince her they are the real thing." The show's name? Who's Your Daddy? Heh... (Reg. req'd)

This is mean: An interview with a woman on The Swan. Quote: "I have a waist ... and I have a jaw."

What ever happened to fad toys, like Teddy Ruxpin? (Seeing that name brought you right back, huh? Yeah, I know.)

Sunday, December 12

When Marine Lance Cpl. David Battle learned he'd either have to sacrifice his ring finger or the wedding band he wore, he told doctors at a field hospital in Iraq to cut off the finger. What happens to the ring is heartbreaking.

"With bad manners just a 'send' button away, we need some rules. Call it technetiquette." The Evite segment is pretty accurate. And on the etiquette theme -- a story on holiday etiquette.

The 10 best books of the year, as says the New York Times. Books I've read: Zero. Commence flogging. (Reg. req'd)

Unemployed Kerry staffer keeps a blog. Hey, you've gotta do something to keep the mind sharp. The best, most dejected post is titled, "The Wake Up." (via Wonkette.)

Saturday, December 4

This is the awesomest song EVER: Taco Bell Canon
(think Pachebel's Canon)

In other book news, the NYT has recommended the top 100 books of the year. (Next week they'll narrow it to 10.) Books from the list that I liked:
Life on the Outside: The Prison Odyssey of Elaine Bartlett

In the Shadow of No Towers
Little Children;
and The Working Poor: Invisible in America.
(And because they're all hardcover, they were all borrowed from my local library. Support your local library!)

Friday, December 3

I love this story and I already loved this writer! All about the love and despair that comes with recommending books to others. Quote: "Perhaps the only feeling more forlorn than knowing that nobody's even heard of the book that has sounded the very depths of your soul is finding out that your dear friend has read it and can't imagine what you're going on about." (Reg. req'd)

Ha -- "Has anyone else noticed that these esteemed yoga magazines are throwing up gang signs on the newsstand?" (via Gawker)

Just in time for winter: Create your own snowflake.

Thursday, December 2

Hell freezes over (and Brian's getting a TiVo.)

A morbidly-interesting story about the many people who took their lives by jumping off the Empire State Building. (Reg. req'd)

Mozilla previews their new e-mail program. In other geek news, an estimated 200 communities are "toying with community-owned Internet networks, sparking a battle with cable and telephone companies over how public, or private, access to the Internet should be." (Reg. req'd)

Check out Raytheon's newest weapon. It's so ... compassionate.



What I've read:

Adam Haslett
You Are Not a Stranger Here
Review: Ehhhhhh...I'm tired. It was good, full of well-written, yet depressing, stories. I thought some ways he advanced the plot in some stories were a little cheap. But it was good. Michiko liked it, and she's tough.

Haruki Murakami
The Elephant Vanishes
Review: 3 out of 4.
Murakami has two translators -- Jay Rubin and Alfred Birnbaum. I have been reading Murakami for so long I can guess who was the translator with 90 percent accuracy. It's just a different tone. Rubin is better. If all the stories were done by Rubin, I might have liked the book more.

Q: Jen, whatever happened to The Crimson Petal and the White?
A: I let it go. I may return to it if I get through the handful of books I have on standby.


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